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Climate Candy is a magical place

We are like a magical machine where imperfect stuff goes in and perfectly imperfect stuff comes out.

Ugly Produce? Candy
Kids crying? Candy
Long day? Candy
Losing any optimism that society can be repaired? Candy

We turn problems into candy.


A bag of FAVES by Climate Candy®

We did it. We turned problems into candy, and now you can eat them. Introducing FAVES, your new fave source of fruits & veggies, made from unharvested perfectly imperfect produce. The reason its sweet is because fruits are sweet.

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Did You Know?

25% of perfectly imperfect produce goes unharvested

The Problem

Unharvested produce wastes vital energy and contributes to climate change

The Solution

Climate Candy rescues unharvested fruits & veggies from farms and gives them new life as FAVES

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Nutrition Facts label


Apple juice, apple puree, pumpkin puree, carrot puree, cherry puree, strawberry puree, sweet potato powder, juice from concentrate (carrot, beetroot, cherry, orange, lemon, black carrot), rice flour, pectin, natural flavor.