Faves Mixed Sweets

Faves Mixed Sweets

Other Ingredients
Plant Based
low sugar
gluten free

1 serving of fruits and veggies in every pack

1/2 beet, 1 carrot, slice of pumpkin, slice of sweet potato, slice of squash

FAVES® Facts

FAVES® are a crave-worthy solution to climate change. These healthy plant-based treats are the first of their kind.

With one hidden serving of fruits and veggies in the 12 chew pack, you can enjoy this deliciously fruity candy whenever you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Made with locally sourced produce, each purchase of FAVES® supports local farmers - making them a better snack for you, farmers, and the planet!


PurePlus® Proprietary Line (Pumpkin, Squash, Beet, Sweet Potato, Carrot)

Other Ingredients

Tapioca Syrup, Erythritol (Alternative Sugar), Sustainable Palm Fruit Oil, Cherry, Grape, and Other Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin (An Emulsifier), Citric Acid, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color), Sea Salt, Reb A (Stevia Extract)

"Candy made from surplus fruits and veggies that actually delivers some nutrition while delighting the taste buds?  YES please and LOVE!"

Kathy Freston

New York Times bestselling author of Quantum Wellness, The Lean, and 72 Reasons to be Vegan

"FAVES have been such a rad addition to my family's treat cupboard. 1st because they’re fruits and vegetables, but the kids think they’re candy. 2nd with my autoimmune disease and aggressive food allergies, I get to consume them non stop without worrying. FAVES make the option of having a healthy treat so easy. Ugh! I love them."

Casey Patterson

US Olympic Mens Volleyball Player