Our Climate Story

According to Drawdown, one-third of the world’s food supply is left uneaten. We are dedicated to fixing this problem by taking on the challenge of facing picky eaters (because who doesn’t like candy?!) and picky stores. You heard us, stores. 😅

Food waste is not garbage, but rather the result of perfectly good-to-eat foods left untouched for the following reasons:/pages/partnerships

Many other natural resources and different types of greenhouse gasses also go to waste with uneaten foods. This is why our commitment to food waste is so important to us at FAVES. Luckily for us, we found a way to support local farmers from wasting their harvest while keeping the rest of our supply chain local to reduce our carbon footprint.

🥕🚛 Learn more about how else we take climate action on our partnerships page here!

Upcycling 101

Believe it or not, reducing food waste is a climate solution and we are here to make positive change and action easier! One method to fight food waste is upcycling, which is how FAVES obtains their produce and the reason why our candy is over 90% fruits and vegetables. Instead of letting nutrition slip through the gaps of a flawed food system, upcycled foods utilizes this surplus of perfectly good-to-eat foods to create new, nutritional products for human consumption. We are here to bring those nutrients to you without having to change what you eat. 😎

More About Our Carbon Negativity

What if there were a way to create positive environmental change with every purchase you make? What if you could offset the greenhouse gasses that were emitted by making the goods you buy? That is exactly the role of carbon offsets, and we are committed to offsetting over 100% of the carbon life cycle.

How our Candies Remove Carbon

FAVES removes more CO2 than it takes to produce them. Carbon neutrality, or “net zero,” means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from human activity is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed. We’ve calculated how much CO2 is emitted in the production of our climate candies and we’re making sure they’re carbon negative (check out what this means in our glossary below!).   

We’ve invested in various forestry and food desert projects to ensure that FAVES give back to the environment and fight climate change. These nature-based solutions involve the repurposing of land by growing forests where there were none before (afforestation) or re-establishing a forest where there was one in the past (reforestation). Trees are integral in the fight against climate change, and your climate candies lowers the global CO2 footprint by helping to plant them.

You might ask, “What about your packaging? Can we recycle them?” We have answers! Our plant-derived packs and corrugated boxes are 100% recyclable ♻ Compostable packaging is also a big goal of ours and still in the works for specific areas around the U.S.! 🌱📦

Important Terms to Know

Carbon Footprint Quiz

Want to know what else contributes to climate and your personal carbon footprint other than food? Take a quick 2-minute quiz here!