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Turning Climate Candy into Climate Action

June 4, 2022

For those who do not know, today is World Environment Day. Every year since being declared by the UN General Assembly at the beginning of the Stockholm Conference in 1972, June 5th marks a day to raise awareness around environmental issues and inspire global action to “celebrate, protect, and restore our planet.” This year, which also marks the 50th World Environment Day, is centered around the theme of #OnlyOneEarth. 

The Differences Between Earth Day and World Environment Day

Earth Day, which is observed annually on April 22nd, was first celebrated in 1970. Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring published in 1962, shed light on the life threatening consequences of such pollution on public health and the Earth’s natural resources. The book fueled what would be known as the modern environmental movement that eventually led to the formations of Earth Day, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Clean Air Act. 

World Environment Day, which appeared two years after the first Earth Day, was first celebrated in 1973 and has been led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ever since its declaration. In contrast to Earth Day, World Environment Day is hosted by a different country every year and dedicates a different annual theme to highlight the world’s biggest challenges relative to the climate crisis and latest important topics. 

To celebrate World Environment Day, here are a few realistic daily food habits to incorporate into your practice: 

  1. Compost. It’s easy as getting a compost bin or designating a small pail to keep in the freezer for any food scraps or untouched leftovers.
  2. Extend the shelf life of products. If you love strawberries but have a hard time keeping them fresh, rinse them in water and white vinegar, then store them in a glass jar in the fridge!
  3. Shop local. Reduce the emissions it takes your produce to travel from farm to table, all while supporting your local farmers!
  4. Go for greens. Eat your greens and veggies, not only because it is better for you, but consuming less meat and dairy products on a daily basis will also lower your carbon footprint. (FAVES can help you with this!)

How FAVES is Committed to “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature” 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports in its 2021 Environmental Report on Food Waste that “food loss and waste represent 8 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions,” or 4.4 gigatons CO2e annually. One gigaton is equivalent to 10,000 fully-loaded U.S. aircraft carriers. Knowing the impact our food systems have on the environment and human health, FAVES is proud to offer a practical and accessible climate solution with Climate Candy through its commitment to reduce food waste. 

With each Climate Candy chew, another person takes climate action by joining the commitment to reducing food waste while contributing to their health. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of the planet! 

Resources for World Environment Day

To learn more about World Environment Day, visit the website here. Join the observance of World Environment Day by taking the quiz to test your knowledge on the latest global environmental and climate crises or take a look at the Practical Guide to living sustainably in harmony with nature as part of this year’s Only One Earth campaign.



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